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Contact Information

Address: Elsie & William Viles Foundation
PO Box 319
Augusta, ME 04332-0319
Telephone: (207) 622-1124
Email: info@elsieandwilliamvilesfoundation.org

Board of Directors

Daniel E Wathen:
Mark L Johnston:
Patricia A. West:
Marianna P. Liddell
Paul R Abbey:
Maribeth Canning:
William N. Lund:
Bernard P Slofer:
Warren E Winslow:
President and Director
Treasurer and Director
Executive Director and Director
Secretary and Legal Counsel

It is the mission of the foundation to continue with the generosity and legacy of Elsie and William Viles created during their lifetimes in supporting charitable organizations with preference given to the State of Maine and Capital Region. Our foundation has no obligation to review, accept, or return materials.